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Santiago Tamariz joins the litigation practice at EC Legal

Mr. Santiago Tamariz joined the litigation practice at the Juarez office of EC Legal.
The incorporation of Mr. Tamariz allows the firm to offer a broader and personalized service in the litigation area, offering the best solution to the conflicts of the clients. Mr. Tamariz has represented several multinational companies in the handling of their legal affairs, obtaining judgments in their favor. He already has a position as an expert in litigation matters in Mexico.
With the incorporation of Mr. Tamariz the number of attorneys of EC Legal reaches 40 members. This is an evidence of the continued growth of the firm in the latest years. Such growing, beyond focusing in the number of professionals, is based on the integrity and personal development of each one of them.
EC Legal is one of the 20 biggest law firms in Mexico, primarily focused in rendering services to industrial clients from all the world.

Regarding his joining to EC Legal, Mr. Tamariz commented as follows: “At EC Legal, the attorneys understand that confidence is essential, being the defense of their client ́s interest a priority, handling each matter with a sense of professionalism and commitment. The foregoing is a must in the litigation practice, where the files have to be reviewed from beginning to end and where one word can be the difference between winning or losing a legal proceeding”.

We make efforts to render legal services that are efficient, innovative, practical and productive in many areas, bonded to the professional and ethical highest standards. During the last four decades, we have achieved these goals, which has permitted us to see forward to continue with our mission. Our clients range from small companies to public national and foreign companies. Our goal is not to be the largest law firm; however, we have worked hard and enjoy of a reputation of being one of the best law firms in Mexico. We understand practically all the aspects and industries of the business areas and are committed to include only the best and more experienced individuals in our teams. We are not the law firm seeking the sale of the highest amount of legal services for the higher number of potential clients. On the contrary, we are a law firm committed to continue with our long-term goal, consistent with making a partnership with our clients, through the rendering of strategic exceptional legal advice, to achieve growth and integral development of our professional family in our communities.

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