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Prompt and expeditious oral justice in Mexico.

Today in our country oral trials are a reality, a few years ago projects, bills, etc., were seen as something impossible to implement, however, they are here to stay beyond doubt, because they are seeking for the much desired administration of prompt and expeditious justice.

While the oral trials began to be implemented in criminal matters throughout the country in a gradual way, nowadays they already operate in the Mexican Republic, in this and in other matters and like all changes, have pros and cons to be improved, but it is part of the change toward a more swift and transparent system.

However, this tendency towards judicial orality, we see it reected in commercial matters, in which after the success in commercial oral justice by their own nature is more swift than the written form, amendments were recently made and new provisions took eect in the Commercial Code, which will practically make during the following years all commercial conict to be settled in oral trials, except those that have a specic processing in accordance to such order.

But this orality is not seen only in criminal and commercial matters, but already in dierent states of the country, orality is also presented in trials of civil and family nature with great success, well it has precisely achieved that processes that would take years, now consist in months at the latest or in days, and in others there are bills that guide such trials in these matters and also exists in the federal legislative power the project for amending and adding to the Federal Constitution that evidently point that orality will be generalized in these matters in the whole country, which is without a doubt a benet for the society and the Courts, achieving the administration of prompt and expeditious justice.

All this orality, allows us to arm that those that are governed, either individuals or entities, will have the benet of agile litigations that allow them to settle their conicts in a brief and transparent way, with options of settling their conicts through negotiations between the parties, well it is important to point out that all oral trials have the privilege of the conciliation option.

All of this represents changes to the Mexican Judicial System, which implies that all lawyers must be in constant and continuous professional development, which in EC LEGAL we have been doing for some years, to be prepared for representing our clients in various conicts, as we’ve been carrying out successfully, in light of our principles and philosophy which always have characterized our Firm.





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