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In Mexico, as in all Civil Law countries, a Notary Public plays a pivotal role in the legal arena, as he is an independent, trustworthy government appointed officer who intervenes in a vast variety of legal transactions. A Mexican Notary Public intervenes to attest not only as to the facts, but also as to the legality of the acts and transactions that, according to law, must be executed before him, in this case, in his capacity as a guarantor of the legal validity of said acts and transactions. A Notary Public must first have a Law Degree, certain years of practice in the Notarial Law field and, once he has qualified as a Notarial candidate, must also pass very competitive exams, in opposition against other candidates, to obtain said official appointment. There are a fixed number of public notaries for each judicial district. Our Firm is proud to be the only full service law firm in the country in which three of its partners are Notaries Public, authorized to perform official Notarial activities in the absence of any of our Notaries.

 To our clients, this translates into an unrivaled notarial formalization infrastructure, which ensures a cost and time efficient discharge of their Notarial work. Our clients rest assured that, in an offer that can’t be matched by any other firm, one of our Notaries will always be available to them and that our infrastructure will permit an expedited processing of documents to match the pressing needs of urgent matters.

 Our advantages are not only numerical and institutional. Each of our Notaries is regarded among the most prestigious, active and recognized in the marketplace. In addition, our senior Notarial partner teaches both Contract Law, in the J.D. program, and Corporate Law, in the Business Law LLM program, at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. This brings peace of mind to our clients, since they can be certain that their work will be performed in accordance with the highest standards of quality, with all due legal certainty and protection.