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Foreign corporations wishing to reduce their manufacturing costs, in order to become more competitive in a global economy, may achieve this goal by setting up Maquiladora (IMMEX) or shelter operations in Mexico, thus taking advantage of special customs treatment, logistical advantages and lower labor and operating expenses available in Mexico. Our manufacturing, sourcing and maquiladora experts are widely regarded as one of the best, strongest and most experienced teams in Mexico. Truly, leaders in the field.

We have assisted an impressive array of clients participating in the manufacturing and sourcing sector since the inception of the maquiladora regime over four decades ago. During those years, the spectrum of investment alternatives for participants in the industrial manufacturing segment has grown exponentially and we are lucky to have represented many of the leading manufacturing companies, contract manufacturers, industrial developers, shelter companies, suppliers and other vendors, service providers, in setting up and operating their businesses.

The services provided by this group include:

  • Tax, customs and business structuring of best operating vehicles for manufacturing and sourcing.

  • Tax and customs planning, structuring and dispute resolution.

  • Assessment, negotiation and implementation of investments in Mexico.

  • Formation of Mexican entities.

  • Securing of maquiladora (IMMEX) permits and compliance of other regulatory requirements.

  • Labor and immigration planning, compliance and dispute resolution.

  • Social security.

  • Purchase, sale, lease and development of industrial real estate.

  • Shelter agreements.

  • Contract manufacturing agreements.

  • Distribution agreements.

  • Transportation agreements.