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Preventive Approach

  • Legal Audits.- With the firm objective in mind of avoiding any sort of conflict and, in case it arises, to count on the most elements of evidence possible, to safeguard the Client’s interests.
  • Circulars and Bulletins.- Which touch on subjects of general interest and breaking legal news, to keep our Clients informed and to help them take decisions.
  • Telephone Communication System.- We call our Clients to maintain close contact with them, to become more closely involved and create an adequate feedback in relation to their day to day operations.
  • Training Courses and Updating Seminars.- Related to subjects of interest to let Clients know what the related advantages and disadvantages derive from them, in order to take the best decisions possible.

Our Services


Advice, consultation and litigation related to: civil controversies derived from leases, bailments, loans, donations, purchases mortgages, usufruct, real estate and other trades, pledges, etc.
Advice pertaining to premature termination of contracts.
Real estate procedures to obtain ownership through adverse possession, to recover possession of same, or to define the metes and bounds of land.
The negotiation and preparation of contracts and litigation related to their termination, annulment, rescission and specific performance.
Civil tort litigation.

Commercial and Business:

Review of loan contract documents, granted by the Client in its business operations.
Commercial litigation to recover delinquent loans.
Delinquent loan collections.
Advice, consultation and litigation in defense of the interests of the company.
Drafting of comercial contracts.
Legal procedures to back-up uncollectibles.
Back-up to negotiate the collection of delinquent loans.

Family Law:

Advice, consultation and litigation in: oral litigation and probate and intestate procedures, contentious, voluntary and administrative divorce procedures, paternal authority, child support, alimony, paternity, custody of minor children, change of property regimen, correction of vital statistics records, etc.


Advice, consultation and litigation in: Federal and State oral trials.
Advice, consultation and litigation in: Federal and State Pre-trial investigations.
Preparation and presentation of writs pressing charges.
Preparation and presentation of Writs of Amparo (habeas corpus, certiorari), against acts of authority in violation of our clients’ Human rights, in addition to the Constitutional Guarantees contained in the Bill of Rights.