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Labor & Employment

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Labor & Employment

Clients Benefits

  • Create and maintain a healthy labor atmosphere within your company.
  • Preventive work, not corrective.
  • Reduce labor risks.
  • Reduce contingency costs.
  • Strategy labor planning.

Preventive Approach

  • Employment auditing.
  • Newsletters and bulletins.
  • Training and Updating Seminars.

Our Services

  • Human Resources, benefits, compensation policies, handbook and procedures.
  • Codes of business conduct and ethics.
  • Successful hiring and recruiting practices.
  • Expatriate/ Inpatriate matters.
  • Employment, consultant, and severance agreements that comply with Mexican Labor Law.
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements to protect our clients’ intellectual property and other valuable assets. Implementation of equal employment opportunity and diversity programs, practices, and policies.
  • Employee performance management, discipline and discharge cases. Reductions in force, redundancies and site closures.
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention and correction to ensure a respectful and legal work environment.
  • Substance abuse testing.
  • Investigations regarding employment-related matters, fraud, business ethical infractions, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, safety, and other alleged violations of codes of conduct, harassment, workplace violence, and other policies.
  • International complaint helpline protocol, procedures and training. Prevention of workplace violence and threats.
  • Training for supervisors and employees on employment law, harass- ment prevention, diversity, company policies.
  • Litigation and administrative actions.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions.
  • Employee and union communications.
  • Current and evolving strategic employment law issues.
  • Employer subtitution.