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Tax and Trade

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Tax and Trade

Why work with us?

Our elite team of Tax and Trade lawyers understand the need of our clients to receive prompt, simple and effective solutions. These results have been achieved for more than 40 years, by incorporating into the DNA of our practice group the following principles:


The Tax and Trade areas are the most dynamic in Mexico. Providing answers and advice based solely on the current regulations is no longer enough for our clients’ needs. At all times we keep involved with the most influential lobbying groups in the Tax and Trade areas nationally and internationally, to anticipate amendments to the legal framework that may have a future impact on our clients’ operations.

360° Solutions

In Mexico, the Tax and Trade Areas are subject to significantly the same legal principles and administered by the same Agency. Our team is highly specialized in both areas to enssure that the answers and solutions provided to our clients have been analyzed from all possible angles.

High Specialization

Our experienced attorneys are highly specialized and in constant training, which translates into the sophistication of this practice group. Trade areas are recognized year by year as leading lawyers in Mexico (Chambers & Partners, Latin Lawyer).

Client Satisfaction

Our service is based on the principles of 365/7 availability; cost efficiency; response to calls or e-mails within 12 hours; 100% deadline compliance; continual information to the client; flexible innovative solutions; bilingual attorneys exclusively; honesty.


Alliances with the most prestigious Tax and Trade law firms in the world.


“We make the complexity of customs and tax laws look simple”


Preventive Approach

We provide key advice to our clients, so they can carry out their business in Mexico with the least tax burden possible and the highest degree of legal certainty.

Our Services

International Trade and Customs

  • FTA´s (Mexico has one of the largest networks).
  • Verifications of Origin under FTA´s.
  • IMMEX (Maquiladora) and Prosec Programs.
  • Automotive, Autoparts, and Aerospace Industries.
  • Free Trade Zones.
  • Private rulings for Valuation, classification of goods and VAT.
  • Preventive audits to determine areas of improvement for your company.
  • Customs and Trade Authorizations and Certifications.
  • Litigation of verification of origin resolutions issued under NAFTA and any other resolution issued by Mexican Customs.
  • Provide advice regarding any customs law matter.


  • Tax Planning and Litigation.
  • Analysis of Permanent Establishment exposure in Mexico.
  • Corporate reorganization.
  • Mergers, spin-offs, and acquisitions.
  • Real estate tax planning.
  • VAT and IEPS certifications.
  • Tax refunds.
  • Private Rulings, permits, and authorizations.
  • Expatriates.

Social Security

  • Tax planning and litigation in social security matters.
  • Legal advice during audits conducted by IMSS and INFONAVIT.