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Our Commitment to the Community

ec-legal-aboutWe take great pride in giving back to the communities in which we practice. Our firm enjoys a long history of delivering pro bono legal services and participating in community programs with a goal of creating opportunities The firm seeks pro bono and public works opportunities in all of its offices.We recognize the importance of applying our resources and knowledge to assist those in need. When the firm accepts a pro bono matter, we are committed to supporting that representation fully, with the same standards of professionalism, excellence and respect that apply to the work we do for any client.We also encourage participation in local communities, through volunteer efforts and charitable contributions.

Our lawyers and staff hold leadership positions with a wide variety of local and national nonprofit organizations. On both the national and local levels, we support a number of civic, health and social causes that contribute to community building and improvement. Lawyers in all of our offices serve on, or advise, numerous civic, social, educational and commerce-focused boards, in addition to consulting with state and county commissions, and municipalities.

EC Legal has a long history of strongly supporting organizations that help our communities. In Mexico, EC Legal provides funds and free legal advice to about 40 organizations such as United Way, the Red Cross, Fundacion Integra, Beehive Foundation, Catholic Diocese of Ciudad Juarez, The Juarez Symphony Orchestra, INJUVE, Fundación UMC de Mexico (University Medical Center Foundation), Siguiendo los Pasos de Jesus, Centro de Audicion y Aprendizaje, among many others.



ec-legal-responsabilidadIn EC Legal we assumed our commitment to social responsibility from our very beginnings when, upon deciding to become the leading legal firm in Mexico to service the industrial sector  which national and international companies choose, we decided to be guided by  values  of shared co-existence that allow us, as a company and as individuals, to easily share a common space in our daily tasks, such as:

– Team Work
– Responsibility
– Integrity and Honesty
– Humility
– Respect
– Loyalty
– Service

Adhering to the concept adopted by both the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and the Alliance  for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico, we assume Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as “the  conscious and congruent commitment  of fully complying with purpose of the company, both internally and externally, taking into consideration the economic, social and   ecological expectations of all of its participants, showing respect for the individuals, the ethical values, the community, and the environment, thus contributing to the common wellbeing”.

In EC Legal we consider our corporate social responsibility as one of the pillars of our own development and of parallel benefit to our members, our community and our environment, based on the highest standards of business ethics. We are a law firm that values its people and its community and that constantly endeavors to improve in all aspects and attain continuous innovation. Ever since we were founded, we have applied and lived by these beliefs, adopting different policies and applying a formal program of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In EC Legal we visualize our strategic action keeping  those expectations of triple results in mind-economic, social and environmental-and, therefore, we have established general criteria in view of this multiple  goal, that inform our activity as a corporation.

Economic Responsibility

In this aspect, our responsibility focuses on our ethical conduct, free from any discriminatory conduct  or practice, in addition to excluding any corruption or bribery of any sort. In addition, our responsibility is proactive in relation to any of the following agents:

  • Clients, to render legal services that guarantee legal security and certainty.
  • Firm members,  to offer them adequate work spaces within a framework of respect,  growth and improvement.
  • Partners,  to grant them certainty and financial security on their investment, looking to maximize their benefits in the short, medium and long term.
  • Vendors,  to establish excellent  relationships  with  them, based  on transparency and honesty, fully complying with our obligations towards them.

Social Responsibility

Companies, as well as society in general, are always dynamic. Competition and market forces require that an organization adapt to changing circumstances. Today, corporate citizenship and business civility form part of the medium in which business is carried out, and they require from participants a responsible attitude as social entities upon whom they impose, primarily, the obligation of observing what can be called corporate “good conduct”.

In EC Legal, we work intensely to guarantee the highest company quality of life, and to effect a close relationship with our community through volunteer programs and by rendering pro bono services to benefit all of our community as, also, those in most need.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable development, understood as “the development that satisfies the needs of the present,  
without endangering the capability of future generations to satisfy their own needs” is a fundamental premise of  the everyday activities of EC Legal.

From  the point of view of its daily operation, EC Legal promotes the efficient and responsible use of all our resources. Part of our voluntarily adopted responsibilities is to surpass legal environmental regulations as to the reduction, recycling and reutilization of residuals, through the application of methods and mechanisms specifically adopted to those ends, looking to reduce our emissions footprint into the atmosphere, by the efficient use of water and electricity, and using environmentally friendly technology, amongst others.